Must prepare and have the authorization to do so directly ….

Analytical data communication of invoices issued and received
The VAT taxable person shall provide the Agency electronically revenue data of all invoices issued and received in the quarter, including customs bills, as well as data related variations, the following dates: 31 May, 16 September, 30 November and last day of February. Only for 2017 (first year of application) is expected to send an initial semi-annual communication to be made by July 25, 2017.
farmers, exempted from VAT payment and the documentation requirements associated, located in mountain areas are exempted.
The communication, which must be made in analytical form in a manner determined by order of the Director of Revenue, must include at least the following data: identification data of the parties to the transaction, date and invoice number, tax base, tax rate applied, tax, transaction type.

data communication Periodic Payments Iva
The same terms and with the same conditions as for analytical reporting of invoice data, taxpayers communicate the details of the periodic payments of VAT, even in the event of liquidation surplus on credit (do not move the normal time limits for the payment of VAT payable according to periodic payments made).
The procedures and information to be transmitted with this communication will be defined by a later decision of the Director of Revenue.
Are exempt taxable persons not required to file the annual VAT or conduct of periodic payments, unless, in the course of the year, the conditions for granting them cease.

The Revenue Agency provides taxpayers related to the data communicated information, reporting any inconsistencies also in relation to payments made. If the checks carried out were to emerge a different result from that indicated in the notice sent by the taxpayer, they are informed by the Agency and can provide clarification, report any data or materials not considered or assessed incorrectly, or pay what is due availing of repentance industrious.

In favor of the entities in activities in 2017 it is recognized a tax credit for the costs incurred due aimed at upgrading the conduct of periodic payments of invoices and data communications. The tax credit is equal to 100 Euros and is provided to persons who, in the year preceding that in which the cost was incurred, realized a turnover not exceeding EUR 50 thousand. The ability to make use of this tax credit was also extended to those who exercise the option for electronic invoicing private.
In addition, subjects who engaged in the retail trade business (or similar activities) that, by December 31, 2017 exercise their option for the electronic storage and for the electronic communication of the daily fees data, in addition to the aforementioned credit d ‘ imposed, it is attributed an additional tax credit of 50 euro.

In case of failure or faulty transmission of invoices, there is a 2-euro penalty for each invoice, with a maximum of 1,000 euro for each quarter. The penalty is reduced by half, with a maximum of 500 Euros, if the regularization occurs within 15 days of expiration.
If omitted, incomplete or inaccurate reporting of payments data, the penalty is applied from 500 to 2,000 euro, with a reduction by half, if the regularization occurs within 15 days.