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IBM Italy S.P.A
01Informatica srl Partner since 1992..
IBM is an innovation company serving businesses and institutions around the world in one hundred years of its activities, holds records in each technology area, from microprocessors to supercomputers, from servers to software to services for the development and management of complex IT infrastructures, operating in 170 countries and employs over 400,000 employees and is present in Italy since 1927, with a long history of projects, initiatives and partnerships to support economic growth and innovation.
Even in 2012, IBM has allocated U.S. $ 6 billion for research and innovation, no one else in the world invests so much.

Computer Gross S.p.A.
01Informatica srl Partner since 1997.
Since the start of activities, Computer Gross Italy anticipates the transformation of the figure of the distributor, standing on the ICT market as an operator that manages evolved increasingly a part of the value added allocated to the channel of resellers.
This choice has helped it grow from a turnover of 7 million euros in 1994 to a turnover of 660 million euros in 2010.
In addition to the reliable and proven box-moving activities, Computer Gross the channel provides comprehensive support on all products distributed through a staff of over 300 qualified and certified products and solutions, diversifying itself from competitors, for the value added that can transferred to the network of dealers.
From the initial 100 dealers, Computer Gross in 2010 exceeded the threshold of 7,000 customers with the support of area sales managers to spread widely throughout the country.
The specialization of our people has increased from year Computer Gross the first place in the distribution of IBM and Lenovo products and the strength of the other business divisions devoted to the main vendors in the industry.
J.Blue: Business Unit dedicated the entire range of IBM, Lenovo, and Lexmark. The consolidated experience of people united to the whole range of specialized products and solutions, IBM, Computer Gross makes the distributor reference in Italy.
J.Open: The business that deals in a specialized and dedicated to the entire range of products in volume of international fame. Ongoing agreements with leading vendors of information technology have helped to further broaden the range of offers and solutions designed to meet the varied needs of the channel.
J.Soft: It’s always been a point of reference in the Italian market as a distributor of specialized software for all market leading products. It is distinguished by a unique knowledge and experience in the industry, through marketing efficiency and more focused services for the needs of each retailer.

01Informatica srl Partner since 2005
The Microsoft Corporation, commonly known as Microsoft, is one of the most important companies in the computer world, and also one of the biggest companies with a stock market capitalization of more than 220 billion dollars. It is based in Redmond, Washington (United States). It’s the most popular operating system in the world: “Windows” but also its principal office automation products.

The University of Pisa is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Europe, consider research as its main strategic activities and achievements in this field have made and continue to give prestige to the University, both nationally and internationally.

The Technology Centre, which has 01 member Informatics Ltd, was established with the aim of creating the conditions for growth and market competitiveness of small and medium-sized businesses through the innovative integration of the needs of themselves and the provision of technological knowledge from centers of excellence and research system. The settlement, in one location suitable and dedicated, with dozens and dozens of high-tech companies can also achieve increasing economies of scale for the management of services, both in structure than those with added value and helps collaboration and cooperation between enterprises and between Polo and the business community.

Technological development and scientific research of the local system to allow companies to enter the area in the network of national and European research, focusing on a single site companies offering expertise and high quality services to the service industry, thus creating a laboratory for new technologies and processes to support cooperation between enterprises, research centers and universities.


Besides the two traditional missions of the advancement of science and culture and higher education, a third is also assuming increasing importance in Italian universities: the exploitation of the potential development of new ideas with content and applications, therefore, innovation-based on research, that is what is traditionally referred to as “technology transfer”.


Florence University
The University of Florence has established in recent years a number of tools to facilitate links between its research facilities and external parties finalized a research-based innovation: the construction of the Incubator Scientific Pole of Sesto Fiorentino, the regulation of patents and participation in spin-off, the establishment of joint workshops between the University and external institutions, and the carrying out of research commissioned by third parties.


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