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January 2015


Continue developing Codice01 with the release of a portal for the field of horticulture and accessories connected to it, Ordercode01_PPS: another app on Apple, Android as well as Windows for managing the sales force in the field of young plants. It will continue research and testing on Linux and will start the first installations Total Linux on Power. Still challenges ... After 30 years in business, today 01Informatica Srl operates directly with clients in many European countries, Africa and America, always pushing beyond their borders. The deep gratitude goes to our customers that better than any commercial office realize our success.

January 2014


IBM helps us with the arrival of Power8 - power and versatility but also a new vision as open source, begin testing Codice01 Linux - Virtualization and optimization of low-cost processors. It is also the year of the "Cloud", Codice01 become available even for small and very small companies that can use the full power of the product with a very low cost. But 2014 was also the year of the RFID: it is released the first version of the production control and loads of fully automated warehouse. The saving of the time is immense with a very low possibility of errors. Also it is realized Ordercode01 and Scancode01, two app developed in environments Apple and Android for the management of the sales force in off-line and Codice01_BDG "Budget Management" Codice01 is certified as Application Solution from IBM

January 2013


The company realizes Codice01_GPA: "GeneralPurpose Application" and Codice01_FPM: "Flower & Plants Management", the first in the field of technical means and Agrarian Consortia and commercial warehouses in general, the second is tool as specific management for marketing companies of cut flowers, fronds and leaves. Two others pieces to the puzzle Codice01

January 2012


The year of Codice01 and 7 Power! The new software found the ideal tool for the operation, speed and excellent opportunity to further expand its capabilities. Born other applications for the management members of the Cooperative, the management of plants and bulbs and the technical means for agricultural consortia but the most important is Codice01_SCM: "Supply Chain Management" specific tool for multinational rooting of young plants.

January 2011


It is realized Codice01_FVM: "Fruit & Vegetables Management" product management and traceability of fruit and vegetables. Start using the tablet for the management of software and research to the adoption of RFID technology with the University of Florence and Flora Toscana Scrl company.

January 2010


Codice01_PPS: "Plant Production System" and Codice01_HBR: "Hybrida", the first is the solution for the management control of companies operating on the Rooting of Young Plants and the other for the management of genetic research for the hybridization of the new variety of plants but the most important is Codice01_FVM: "Fruit & Vegetables Management" product for the management and traceability of fruit and vegetables. Start using the tablet for the management of software and the search for the adoption of RFID technology with the University of Florence and Flora Toscana Scrl.

January 2009


The new software has a name: "Codice01". There are released modules for the management of the Data Base and the General Accounting and Finance. Companies have already been installed at the international level as well as other modules are coming to fruition. Came the first Power6 systems and give a boost to working speed of Codice01. It also springs Codice01_MSM: "Medical Surgery Management" product for the management of clinics and doctors' surgeries.

January 2008


Continue development of new software and also started the first test sample companies, we begin to see results and enter into the satisfaction of the Company but also the awareness that there is still much to do.

January 2007


Development of another product, very interesting, for controlling the company can provide financial indices, and economic management.

January 2006


Still a challenging year that saw 01Informatica Srl to develop a product-oriented management of the traceability of frozen foods and start the integral development of the new application, written in Java and that our solutions will bring a new technology aimed at ease of use and retrieval of information in a simple and dynamic.

January 2005


The year of change, after analyzing what the world proposed about the future technologies, 01 Informatica Srl analyzes the development of a completely new, international, multi-lingual and leading graphics and Web-oriented procedures.

January 2003


The year of Wireless and here was done an extensive development, succeeding today to have products for warehouse management and administration of surveys of the production.

January 2002


The advent of handheld computers has led to new 01Informatica Srl studies to develop applications in this field, allowing today to have the appropriate applications to meet many needs, especially as regards the purchase orders, record production data and management of the attempted sale.

January 2000


All applications are reviewed by the arrival of Euro.

January 1997


It is a software developed package for the management of e-Commerce on windows platform.

January 1995


With the Internet advent, first as a partner in a company and then as owner, 01Informatica Srl becomes ISP (Internet Service Provider), providing connections to others and also developing websites. All this is to know in depth the potential of this new frontier.

January 1992


With the development of a new application for the horticultural industry on IBM AS/400.

January 1988


With the development of a new generation of software for the paper industry on IBM AS/400.

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