Web Solutions

Through our subsidiary ParalleloWeb S.r.l. we are able to provide a wide range of solutions based on web technology, including web development, domain registration, hosting, housing, web marketing, e-commerce, managing antivirus and antispam filters for e-mail, in addition to a range of web applications ready for use.

Domain Registration

All solutions to register or transfer your domain and realize your website.


Having a space in the web means to sell over the Internet reducing the costs of distribution and visibility and being able to see attractive profits.

CMS Development

Development of content management systems (CMS, Content Management System) that allows you to dynamically manage the contents of a website.

Hosting and Housing

clear and simple Packages hosting & housing with domain, web space and E-mail.

Software Web Based

The Importance of a Web-based software is the ability to update content dynamically, and to be able to make interacting the visitors with the site itself.


You can centrally manage all your email, synchronizing and sharing email with the various mobile devices.

Web Design

Creating a website is an operation that integrates different skills, the site should be attractive, easy to navigate and present clearly its own content.

Web App

Management and development of applications based on web technology to better manage its production processes.


You can send your email with the legal value of a registered letter with the certificated service Legalmail ™.