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About Us

01 Informatica Srl, IBM Business Partner since 1992, has over 20 years of experience in designing high-tech solutions in the areas of software management, networking, and hardware.
The company is constantly evolving, developing and improving its organization and its services to customers. 01 Informatica Srl has specialized in the Power sector and deals with the creation of Web-oriented management software.


Our goal is to ensure that development follows the path taken so far successful finding ways to improve our company, pursuing a constant growth in IT areas.


  • Giving the right value to knowledge and skills of people;
  • Protecting the safety on workspace;
  • Rejecting illegal business practices;
  • Paying attention to the ethical profile of the Partners;

There are the values that inspired our company and on this basis we also choose our partners.


For over 25 years we assure in the companies innovation and technology. We offer our advice to help you to be dynamic and flexible, working in contact with them, we know the processes and requirements. Our solutions are the result of this experience and of the skills that set us apart.

Our advice accompanies and follows the realization of both small and medium size projects and large international infrastructure, with the goal of satisfying any requirement made by the company, following an established procedure:

Analysis of the needs: our consultants can to help the user in defining the methods of solution to their needs and guide him to the choice of software and hardware that best match his needs.

Feasibility Study: Our analysts are able to put the user in terms of practical assessment of the chosen solution in the identification stage, overseeing the effective compliance of the information system needs of the company, measuring the effectiveness and scope of the investment. This phase ends with the drawing up of a real relationship which may follow or not the purchase decision.

Configuration of the information system
: Our technicians provide their technical expertise/Know-how in preparing the applicative architecture, the network structure and the infrastructure to maximize flexibility and soundness of the investment in time, prepare the environment Optimal usage and plan the start up.

Start up: our society, according to company officials, provides a group of technical specialists who can assist you in optimizing and balancing the chosen system, for the launch of software systems and procedures and in the setting of the database.

Education: our staff, based on the default programs with the various concerned departments, conduct education among workers.

Service: our society, at the end of each project, provides a continuous support service, able to intervene and solve all the problems that arise during the normal daily operations.

Our Company

Our story begins when, in 1982, four technicians decide to pool their experience and founded a small company, in Margine Coperta (PT), which will focus on consulting in information but also in data processing for third parties.

The small company is growing steadily year after year, generating almost needs and different goals from the accountancy sector and the computer industry and it is constantly changing in those years.

For this reason in 1992 the small company (four partners and three employees) decomposed into two new companies: one for the administrative sector accounting and the other for the computer industry, the 01 Informatica Srl.
At the birth of 01Informatica Srl, the new company moved from Margine Coperta to Borgo a Buggiano (PT), where it remained until 2002, when, for reasons of space, it moved to Pescia in the existing offices in Via Caravaggio.
The strength of our company was that we wanted to develop software that fits the specific needs of each customer, without forcing the use of standard products that would surely be allowed a greater economic performance, especially if linked to an adequate sales force, but would have taken away the pleasure of being business partners.

The definition that we like to give to us is to craft software.

Whenever there is presented a challenge, 01INFORMATICA, has accepted it.

Relive our history

Our group

01 INFORMATICA srl wanted to expand its partnership with Enterprise Clients of integrating additional services through the brand 01GROUP that includes:01 INFORMATICA srl always been a safety in the field of ICT.

With the knowledge, reliability and professionalism that its engineers and consultants, 01 Informatica Srl works alongside clients to offer their solutions to management problems:

  • ICT Consulting
  • Needs analysis
  • Custom Software Development
  • Pre-and post-installation
  • Software support services after installation
  • Management consulting
  • Education

For the care and communication Corporate image, with the professionalism and expertise of skilled engineers is able to provide:

  • Design and development of advertising services
  • Creating Corporate logos and trademarks
  • Setting up and printing of catalogs and brochures
  • Multimedia presentations
  • Production and printing of custom labels
  • Coordinated graphs and stationery enriched by hot stamping, embossing and UV lithography.

Everything related to the installation, support and hardware maintenance in SMEs. Qualified technicians are able to put its expertise available to customers for configuring and maintaining networks, wide area networks, VPN and hardware devices from all major brands on the market.

For everything related to the solutions Internet and Web products; it is able to provide services to its customers:

  • Internet service provider
  • Registration and maintainer of domains
  • Hosting &Housing
  • Development and management of websites
  • Certified mail services (PEC)


First strategic bridge with Eastern Europe where Codice01 will find fertile ground for the type of companies to which it addresses


Other strategic union with South America, in particularly with Brazil, by collaborating with a very important agency of the country. Brazil is one of the most important countries in the world about sectors concerned by the software produced by 01 Informatica Company.